Seismometer options

External display (ED74) Applicable modelSW-54

Indicates acceleration amplitude, seismic intensity scale and alarm occurence time.

External display(ED74)

Display element STN monochrome
Display content Earthquake monitoring display:current time
(back display : green / letter : black)
Earthquake occurence display:occurence time,
maximum acceleration, seismic intensity
(back screen : orange / letter : black)
Display size 92.8 (W)x37.1(H) mm
Back light LED (3 colors : green, red, orange)
Power supply DC24 V

Multiple control unit - 2 out of 3 - (CU-5) Applicable modelSW-54 / SW-52

This device makes reliability of the relay contact output of the alarm signal to control or stop activation higher. An alarm signal is output when 2 units out of 3 generate alarm signals.

Multiple control unit - 2 out of 3 - (CU-5)

Alarm output Up to 5 step 2 out of 3 alarm relay contact outputs
(each 3 contact)
Alarm reset Automatic recoery 2 or less outputs out of 3
Alarm display Indication : individual display for each 5 steps
Reset method : manual by pressing reset button
Power supply AC 100 V 50 / 60 Hz 100 VA or less
Size 480 (W) × 300 (D) ×149 (H) mm
Mass 16kg

Printer (RP-E11-W3FJ1-U) Applicable modelTM-0013-SW

Print acceleration, earthquake scale and time etc. from the seismometer.

Printer (RP-E11-W3FJ1-U)

Printing method Thermal line dot
Printing contents Date and time of occurrence,
Date and time of maximum value,
Date and time of end,
Maximum acceleration per each conponents
Power supply Dedicated AC adaptor 24 V ± 5 %
Size 129 (W) × 129 (D) × 129 (H) mm
Mass Approx. 1300 g

Seismometer detector protection housing (SW-72-PC-SUS)
Applicable modelSW-52

Protect seismometer from shock or dust.

Seismometer detector protection housing(SW-72-PC-SUS)

Seismometer detector protection housing(SW-72-PC-SUS) Outward dimensions