Mechanism of Vibration Test Systems

Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems

The principle is similar to the audio systems where electronic signals from different sources (i.e CDs) are amplified and converted to sound by loud speakers. For the vibration test systems, the vibration generators correspond to the loud speakers of the audio systems. They have the vibration controllers instead of the sound source to drive the vibration generators feeding the electric current through the amplifiers. The difference is that the signals from the transducers mounted on the specimens and/or vibration tables to monitor their motions are fed back to the vibration controllers in order to control the vibrations to meet the requested test conditions.

Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems

Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems

Vibration Generator

The operation is based on "Fleming's left hand rule". When an electric current flows in a wire put in a magnetic field, it gets a force perpendicular both to that field and the direction of that current.

Fleming's left hand rule

  • Inside of Vibration generator (Air cooling method)

    Inside of vibration generator (Air cooling method)

  • Vibration Generator

    Vibration generator

  • Cross section view

    Cross section view

Vibration Contoller

The original waveforms will not be reproduced by just applying the vibration data obtained in the field or form test specimens. The waveforms will be totally deformed due to the characteristics of the amplifiers, combined dynamics of the vibration generators and test specimens. The vibration controllers the equipments to have the vibration generators generate the designated vibration compensating automatically these characteristics or dynamics. All IMV vibration controllers are customised for each of our clients in order to meet their particular needs. “User Friendly” has been always pursued.

Vibration Controller K2
Vibration Controller K2
Vibration Controller K2

K2 display
Complicated tests are professionally
programmed and executed.

Power Amplifier

The role of the power amplifier is to feed driving current to the vibration generator converting the small electrical signal generated in the vibration controller to the large current of higher voltage. IMV’s power amplifiers employ the switching amplifier system. They use mainly the compact and highly efficient power modules of the top level in this industry to contribute to energy and space saving.

  • Power Module SA-300

    Power module SA-300

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